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Having problems with your current system? Looking to upgrade for better performance? Your system not meeting minimal requirements for a new piece of software? Whatever the issue give us a call. Our hours are 6 to 9 PM on weekdays or 11 AM to 9 PM on weekends. We work when you are home.

We can upgrade your current system, install new software, setup computer network, and custom build a system to your specifications. Our overhead is low which allows us to pass the savings onto the customers. One of our popular services is an educational build. For individuals who want to learn more about the internals of PCs, we will obtain the parts to make your custom system but you actually put the system together under our supervision.

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I have seen a couple Windows 10 computers which are "running slow" as described by owners. These computers had pending or in process Windows updates. Once these were applied then the computers were back to their normal operational speed.

With the newer laptops now starting to use onboard flash memory for storage, it will up to you to make sure you are backing up your data!!

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Updated:  Janiary 2, 2017


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